Why do use compound bow sights?

First, you have to know that compound bow sights are essential gadgets for archers or bow hunters because the compound bow sights plays an important role in their life as a bow hunter or an archer. Through the compound bow sights, the bow hunters can have a clear sight of the target that they are about to shoot. With the use of the compound bows, the shoot is released at a great speed, so it is very important that the target is seen in a very clear view. The compound bow sights, are attached to the riser of your compound bow and that will help you out to aim the arrow.

Types of Compound Bow Sights

Fixed Plate designs are the most common types of compound bow sights, where the sight bracket is directly attached to the compound bow with screws. Some of these designs come with a separate bracket and has a dovetail groove for taking on and off the bow as easy as possible.

The other type of a compound bow sight is called, the Advanced compound bow sight, which is a more sophisticated type. They are made of durable materials, such as, aluminum, adjustable pins and other additional features that provides a good hunting experience.

Compound Bow Sight Styles

The movable bow sight has a pin, which you can move before making a shot that you may adjust for each distance. To set the pin for the yardage, a pointer, a scale and a locking nut are used.

Fixed pin sights have three to five pins and it is actually the most popular style. These sights are set so that from the lower pin, you can see the furthest distance of the target and from the pin on top, you can see the closest distance of the target.

The 3D competition bow sights are the styles of bow sights used in competitions. It might be the most expensive and composite style, but it is the most accurate sight.

Pendulum bow sights are the styles that are used when you are shooting from the stands of trees and having a distance of about 30 yards. With this sight, you do not need to estimate on the angle of your shot.

3 Best Compound Bow Sight Review

The 5-Pin Bow Sight of the Trophy Ridge is the best compound bow sight because of the Smart Pin technology, called React that was used. The sight will enable the pins to react, predicting pin gaps and making the pins fall into its place. It has a 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 yard sight. It also has less micro wind tool ad elevation adjustment features. It makes use of the Ballistic CoPolymer System, having an aluminum material. It has a reversible bracket to use for mounting and versatility. Lastly, it has a Rheostat light included for adjusting the brightness level.

The 5-Pin Sight of Field Logic IQ has made a huge impact in the field of archery because of its Retina Lock Alignment Technology feature, which has an instant feedback technology that controls the forms, the memory muscles and consistency that affects the effectivity of your alignment to have a perfect shot. This sight is best for right-handed bow hunters and archers.

The Punisher 5-Sight of the Trophy Ridge that provides precision, brightness and adjustability for your shooting style. It has five easy to replace .029 fiber optic pins that provide aiming options and a mounted reversible sight for a left or a right hand bow. It also has a lightweight design. It also has reference marks engraved in laser, glow ring pin guard and a sight level. Lastly, it has a bracket made of aluminum.

Those are the best compound bow sights for you to choose from. You will surely find these bow sights essential and vital in your career or in your hobby as a bow hunter or as an archer. Many people are now aiming to get such gadgets because it can make their hunting a successful one. If others can get one to help them hunt and shoot their target as accurate as possible, then you must have one too. It is not just for the reason of having a gadget to show, but because accuracy matters most.

Jiaozi at first, has no interest in archery or hunting. She is even afraid to go to the mountains because of the various wild animals there. But, one day, she was invited to join camping. One of the leaders showed skills in archery. That was the start of her willingness to learn and use the bow. If a person has the will and determination, then it is always possible to hit your goal. Set your goal and do your best to be successful. That was the thing that she would like every reader to have in mind.

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