Choosing a Modular Helmet

Types of Motorcycle Helmet

There are various types of a motorcycle helmet and what a rider wear depends on his needs. The types of motorcycle helmets are the Full face, the off-road, the modular or flip-up

With the full face type of motorcycle helmet, the entire head is covered. It also has a rear where the base of the skull is covered. It has a clear face shield or visor that you can swivel up or down. It also has vents for air flow. Many motocross racers use this type of helmet, but with the security you can get from it, it is recommended for everyday use.

The Off-road or the motocross type of motorcycle helmets have elongated chin and visor that serve as a shield. It partially has an open face for rider’s protection when they are wearing goggles.

The modular helmet is a combination of a full face helmet and an open face helmet. This is a good motorcycle helmet to use on the road. This is best for riders who are wearing eyeglasses.

Next is the ¾ or the three-quarters motorcycle helmet, which covers the cheeks, the ears and the back of the head. This will be more effective if you are going to combine it with a face shield.

The half helmet type or the shorty is popular with the rockers and the road races during the early 60s. It has a design that is the same with the open face helmet, but it has no lowered rear. It has a shape of a bowl as they say.

Guides in choosing a Modular Helmet

Now, for you to have the best modular helmet, you must be aware about some tips. You can find here some guides on how you are going to choose the best modular helmet that you can get in the market. Modular helmets are popular because of the convenience that a rider can get from using it. Many riders are saying that even with the modular helmet, you can get the best benefits other than any helmets available. So, before you get one, make sure that it passed the DOT or the ECE standard. You also must make sure that you are buying the modular helmet that has a good quality. Do not just pick any among the modular helmets available.  Now, take a look at the best modular helmets you can find here, to help you and guide you choose one.

Best Modular Helmet

The AGV Miglia II weighs 4 pounds and has a thermoplastic resin shell. It is approved by the DOT, so you are sure about its safety. It has a solid construction with a long oval shape that has external sun visors and a chin vent that is positioned well. It also has an anti-fog feature and comes with an eye port gasket for a better visibility.

Next is the Bell Revolver that weighs 3 pounds with a polycarbonate alloy shell and approved by the DOT. The shell is good enough to hold the cheek pads and an inner liner that you may remove for comfortability. It has an integrated sun shade with a robust button that will allow the rider to open or close the chin bar. It also has a shield that is featured with an anti-fog, UV protection and anti-scratch.

Another option is the SY-MAX III of the HJC. It weighs 3 pounds, has a fiberglass shell and is certified by the DOT. It comes with an upgraded feature, such as the fiberglass shell and revisions in the latch mechanism. With its neutral shell shape, it offers the riders a good fit. The quality of the padding and the liner is good. It has a button at the edge of the chin bar that will allow the rider to flip-up. With the shield’s anti-fog and anti-scratching feature, you can experience an excellent visibility.

Those are the best modular helmets you can find here in the market. Now that you already have the best list, it will guide you to choose one. Always remember that you are buying a modular helmet for your safety, so make sure that you are going to get the best modular motorcycle helmet.

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