How To Have Perfect Slow Pitch Softball Swing

The players in the slow pitch game always dream of the perfect slowpitch softball swing. They try their best as well as use many tips to perform but they still find very hard to hit perfectly. In this article, we want to tell you some tips to achieve the perfect slowpitch softball swing besides the best slowpitch softball bat on the market. Let’s take a look at these secrets. See more:

How To Have Perfect Slow Pitch Softball Swing

These are some basic techniques and you should investigate each of them carefully. You have to practice them until you master and you are able to start a perfect swing then. These techniques include: the stance, the stride, the rotation, the movement of your hands and the finishing the swing

Now we will pass through each of the mechanics to understand them thoroughly.


This is the position of the players’ bodies when they start swinging. There are many stances the players can choose. When talking about the stance, you should consider two factors, they are the mental and the stabilization of the players’ lower bodies.

If you want to get a right stance, firstly you should not think of anything and just need to concentrate on the ball. Next, you stand in the batter’s box and keep your body stable. Your body is perfectly stable, which is an important factor to make the best swing. And then you need to control your body like a pyramid which both remains in balance and strong.

In conclusion, you should adjust your body like that: the lower part must be firm as well as solid, and the upper part which consists of the shoulder; hands along with your fingers remain comfortable and relaxed. And in addition, you are advised to focus the weight on the back foot.


This step seems to be an essential part to have the perfect slowpitch softball swing. When the ball is flying to you, the stride is the first action you do. What do you need to do in this step? First, you need to make some movements, move the weight from the back foot to the front foot. You should conduct this process slowly.

The softball head to you very slowly, so you need to react slowly, too. If you move too quickly, the stance will be lost and the shot will be a waste. The more you practice, the better swing you can achieve.


After the stride step, the rotation is the next one. To conduct this step, you have to use many parts of your body: the shoulders, knees, feet as well as the hip section. Some players will find this step very hard because they have to contain a lot of movements of your body. There is one more thing you have to remember that you have to rotate in the clockwise and the player’s knee along with the back foot is opposite to the pitcher.

You can imagine this step is alike to the slamming door movement. And therefore, you can rotate in the right direction. And now you should focus on the amount of the power you need to release to make the swing to be perfect.

Hand movement

In this step, your shoulders are the starting point, then to your elbows and lastly that is your hands. Hand movement includes two small steps: the motion of your arms and snaps your wrists. You must practicemastering both of them. In the first small step, the knob of the bat will be pulled and then the power will move from your arms to your hands. At this time, you have to make sure that the energy gathering at your lower body will transform totally to your wrists. In the second one, the power which your wrists create must be at the max level in order that the speed will reach the greatest.

Finishing the swing

The swing will be continuous until all the power in the hands disappears. If you stop immediately, the swing will be affected as well.

Among all of the steps, timing plays an important role. You have to put in your mind which movement is faster and which one need to be slow. To achieve a perfect slowpitch softball swing, you have to be practice much more than you expect.

About theauthor: John Sydwell, a softball player, has a huge passion for sports and he has a huge collection of the most modern equipment of sport to serve his ambition. To explain for this huge passion, he revealed that sport has always been his source of fascination and outlet of stress, which allows him to live much better.

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