Best Camping Cot for the Money

People are drawn to nature. Whether for sports or simply to get away from the busy modern world. There are many kinds of outdoor activities that gives the body a time to strengthen and rejuvenate. And one of the best way to put yourself and envelope nature is by camping out. But of course, let’s face it- when camping out, you need lots of tools and equipment to bring most especially if you bring along your family.

Best Camping Cot for the Money

Camping out is really relaxing and enjoyable, but it won’t be as relaxing if you do not have the proper cot to spend the night with. So instead of having a rejuvenating sleep, you will end up sore and uneasy. So here, I have listed some of the best camping cot for the money that will give you a good sleep at a fraction of expensive ones. But before we proceed, you need to know the things to consider before purchasing a cot.

24 Things to Consider when Purchasing a Cot

  • Comfort

Everyone wants a good nights sleep but unfortunately you can’t bring along your spring bed mattress or waterbed with you on camping. Although cots are not as comfortable as sleeping in your own bed at home, it still beats sleeping on the ground with just a thin blanket or sleeping bag.

  • Brand name

I’m not saying that you should always pick branded items, I’m just saying that those with brands have more quality check or superior testing before selling them in the market. Meaning they are most probably more durable and more reliable than other cots because they stake their name for their products

  • Heaviness

When camping out, you need to think also on how much weight it is. Since you will not be just bringing a cot with you. You need to think that you still have other things to bring and worry about than just your bed. This is most helpful when you are camping on higher terrain where you need to exert more effort in climbing or hiking.

  • What is your purpose

What I mean by this is, where are you going to camp. YOu need to map out your route whether you will be climbing a high hill, hiking for a long time before you reach your destination. Will you be bringing a long or may bring along a van or a camper truck? You need study that before buying a cot cause you may not be needing a cot if you already have a good resting place like a cabin, a camper etc. You also need to think of how many nights you will be camping out.

Now that we have narrowed down the things to consider before purchasing a cot, I will now show you 3 of the best camping cot for the money.

  • The Winterial Oversize Outdoor Tent Cot

This is a new kind of cot, the tent cot which is a hybrid between a cot and a tent. This is a really good kind of cot especially since it will shelter you from heat or rain and it has a mesh to keep insects out. It is really durable and it has 4 doors as well. When it comes to weight, it about 43 pounds which is a lot heavier than other cots, it is sure worth the while for sleeping cause it is really comfortable. If there are 2 of you camping, it is best that you share the burden by having the other person carry the supplies while you carry the cot.

Best Camping Cot for the Money
  • Kamp-Rite Oversize Kwik Cot

This is a durable cot that is about 25 pounds in weight. It has storage bags build on its side which makes is accessible for owners to place your items such as phones, accessories, tablets or chargers. This cot can support 2 standard size adults and can support upto 400 pounds. If you want to sleep more comfortable in it, you can place a twin sized air mattress on it. What I love about this is its stability. They used powder coated steel for its leg support and nylon fabric for the sleeping surface making it really durable and sturdy.

  • Coleman Trailhead II Cot

This may be an old fashioned cot but this is one of the best when in comes to a sleeping cot. As the brand name it carries, it screams attractiveness and durability. I highly recommend this product if you want to have comfort in your sleep but not breaking your budget. It is heavy duty and can support weight of about 300 pounds. It also have gear pockets along the side and you can easily carry it with its sack. Best thing about this cot is you get what you pay for, meaning it has great value for your money. It also comes in various colors for you to choose from.

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