Good Hiking Shoes for Wide Feet

It is crucial for all seasoned hikers or beginners to have the proper footwear when backpacking or hiking. Because the purpose of your hike is to get the close feel of nature and enjoy the sights and sounds it offers and you will never enjoy it when you have aching feet. There are many brands and styles sold in the market and you will have great choices if you have an average sized foot. But for some people with wide feet, there aren’t much choices. If you try to get the narrow styles because of its cuteness, you will end up having a very painful and discomfortable hike. So before you buy some hiking shoes, it is important to find the good hiking shoes for wide feet like you are supposed to use.

Good Hiking Shoes for Wide Feet

What you need to do first is to find a wide toe box. The toe box is the part of the shoe that protects the toes and covers it. It is sad to say though that most hiking shoes are designed for narrow pointed feet individuals. So people like me who has a much wider than average foot must go for wide toed box boots. These boots have narrow heel part and wider toe end. By using this kind of shoes, you will prevent yourself from acquiring knee, leg or ankle pain.

Next thing you should consider is the fit. Better make sure that the shoe fits your feet snugly but still gives enough space for your toes to breathe.

There are now more and more shoe manufacturers selling wide toed shoes unlike before and here are some of those great wide toe box boots that you got to see and try. They are mostly labelled as wide or extra wide shoes.

  • Rockport
  • Keen
  • Caterpillar
  • Irish Setter
  • Wolverine
  • Hunter
  • New Balance

Reason why you need to have a good Hiking shoes for wide feet:

  • Rubbing of materials to your feet will lead to blisters or wounds
  • You will develop deformity in the long run if you keep on using narrow shoes
  • Pain in the feet will also lead to pain into the ankle and to the knee since you are compensating with balancing
  • You may strain your muscles, ligaments and tendons in the long run.
  • It is harder to balance if you don’t have the right footwear

    Good Hiking Shoes for Wide Feet

Good hiking shoes for Wide Feet :

  • Wolverine Black Ledge boot

This brand is known globally for producing the best work boots but now they have made this hiking boots and it is killing it. It is extremely comfortable and durable. It is great for wide feet people. This boots is so versatile because you can use this for almost all kinds of terrain especially muddy, snowy, dirty or rocky terrain. The sole is soft and comfortable and gives great support in the arches as well as it supports the ankle very well. Perfect for people with weak ankles.

  • Hanwag

Hanwag is a trekking boots that is sort of hard to find here in the United States since this boots is made in Germany. It is considered worldwide to be the best trekking boots and received numerous awards. This is excellent for people with bunion problem and for people with wide feet. It has breathable yet waterproof exteriors and is extremely comfortable. It also has premium memory foam insoles adding to comfort. The fit is just perfect and will give you snug yet frictionless motion and will avoid injuring your feet.

  • Caterpillar

Everyone knows how popular Caterpillar brand is. It is known globally as a work boots as well as steel toed shoes. The hiking shoes of caterpillar also carries its durability mark as well as comfort. If you want a durable, stable and wide toed boots, you got to check out this brand. They have waterproof material as outer and the linings are comfortable as well. It has great arch support and soft. One great thing I like about this is that its ankle support is just enough for balancing yet is not too stiff that will injure you. Perfect for people with weak ankles as well

Those are the 3 good hiking shoes for wide feet that I can recommend. They all have a few in common and these are durability, functionality, comfort and support. Got to love them all.

About the Author:

James Richards, a backpacker and a tour guide in Europe. He is a photographer and a nature lover as well.

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