Some Tips for Beginners in the field of Golf

Playing golf might be one of your new found sports or hobbies nowadays. As a beginner in this field of sports, there are so many things that you will surely want to prepare. You might be buying some clothes to wear, gadgets and accessories. It’s up to you to buy all the accessories that you need just to enjoy the game. That is actually normal because you are boosting up your interest with your chosen sport. Now, as a beginner, you have to pay attention on your golf club.

Know the basic parts of your Golf Club

A golf club is very important in playing golf. So, it is a must for every beginner to have a clear understanding about the basic parts of the golf club, such as the grip, shaft and head.

On the top most part of your golf club, you will find the grip. It’s up to you how you will learn to properly hold and control the grip. Just ask for help and practice on your own. You may find the grip that is made out of various materials, such as leather, rubber or cord.

Beginners in the field of Golf

The next part is the shaft, which acts as your extended arm. It is the middle part of your golf club. You can find shafts that are made of steel or graphite materials.

The last part is the head, which is at the bottom of your golf club. This is a very important part of the golf club because the head will be the one that will hit the golf ball. The head is made of materials, such as steel, titanium or tungsten.

The materials used in the parts of your golf club will depend on your choice. So, it’s up to you to decide and choose what you prefer.

Tips in choosing a Beginner’s Golf Club

As a beginner, you have some factors to consider. So, we have here some tips for you to take down. These tips are important, so, it’s up to you to list them all.

You have to choose a golf club that is designed and constructed with a lightweight material. As a beginner, it will be easier and more convenient for you to make a swing with a lightweight golf club. So, do not forget to consider the materials used in the head, shaft and grip of your golf club.

Beginners in the field of Golf

Next, you must also consider the flex. So, you have to check out your shaft. You may choose a golf club that has more or an average flex. This will also be helpful, so that you can have a more convenient and comfortable swinging.

Remember that you are looking for a golf club that a beginner may use. When you are already an average player, then you may buy a different golf club with additional features. So, what you need to do is to buy an affordable golf club for a beginner. Later on, it’s up to you to buy a more expensive one.

Lastly, consider the maintenance of your golf club. Find the one that is easier to clean and maintain. As a beginner, you will surely spend more time to practice and you will surely aim to advance as fast as you can.

Golf Club for Beginners Reviews

We have here some brief reviews of beginner’s golf club. It’s up to you to find them on the market, so that you can give them a try.

One is the Wilson’s Ultra Men’s Complete Set that comes with a set of ten clubs. It has a Uniflex or Regular shaft that is made of graphite and steel materials that is great for a beginner swing.

Next is the Callaway’s Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set that comes in 18 pieces. It includes a 460cc driver and head covers.

Lastly, we have the Wilson’s Men’s 2015 Profile XLS Complete Package Golf Set. It comes with a lightweight bag, 11 pieces of clubs and 3 head covers. It has irons that use stainless steel material.

Those are the brief reviews of the beginners’ golf club. It’s up to you to choose the set that you want to buy. They are all affordable anyway, so just make sure to get a good choice.

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