The Complete Camping Checklist For Beginners

To enjoy the outdoors, why don’t you try camping – an interesting recreational activity? You can camp at most of places such as near lake or river, in the woods, national park and a forest, stay there one night even more. There are also private campgrounds which are owned privately by people encouraging campers in coming and enjoying the nature with them. You can just get a fun camping trip if you know how to organize properly.
With new campers, perhaps there are a lot of questions which need to be answered. Below are some basic questions and answers for all camping beginners. You shouldn’t take up camping till you finish all questions and answers below as well as understand expected requirements.

1/ Where Do You Camp?

The private and public campgrounds are 2 main kinds. Public campground provides a wide range of areas to select from such as State parks, Bureau of Land Management Areas, national forests and national parks. Even each of them in turn has several campsites to opt for from. Some of them provide more or less the similar amenities such as hot water for showers, restrooms and shopping places. All is quite useful for beginners. There are full of different campgrounds in the Internet so you can easily book an point for camp beforehand. It is not expensive to get a camp at these sites even a forest/woods camping with the best hammock. Here is the best place to buy one: Anywhere, it also takes you $10-$25/ night. With private campsites, they are able to charge more and may or may not provide any amenities. Furthermore, perhaps they just allow a certain number of campers on their grounds.
Another option is to pitch a  camp and tent on a wilderness or a hillside. But, you had better pay attention to know whether or not it is allowed in the selected place. In this case, keep in mind that there aren’t amenities such as camp shops nearby, toilets and laundry so it is very important to bring all of basic and essential things with you when camping. In case you and your family aren’t comfortable because of being outside the rent, you are able to rent or purchase a camping trailer to get a great camping time in the wild.

2/ What Camping Equipment Do You Carry?

It depends on where you camp. With wilderness, a good tent is a must adding sleeping bags & pads, a cooler for your foods and drinks, cooking supplies such as one or two pots, spoons, plates, cups, kettle, spatula and charcoal. You can easily look for the camping gear at Walmart or any sport stores. You shouldn’t purchase the too expensive equipment because you won’t haven’t yet experienced in caring them.
In case a public campground is where you camp, that is a great opportunity to have a barbecue or a grill even all of cooking ingredients from the camp stores. Besides, you must bring other necessities such as sleeping bags, tents and clothes from home with you.

3/ What Clothes Do You Carry While Camping?

Whilst camping, ensure that you wear full sleeves. To keep your body away the cold weather at nights in the woods, it is very important to bring a few sweaters with you. Rain gear is the similar importance so don’t forget to carry an umbrella and a poncho. Bringing an extra pair of socks in anticipation of your old ones are wet.

4/ How To Set Up A Camp?

In terms of this aspect, you ought to consider many things. Pitching your tent an elevated point is very necessary but ensure that the selected point is not on a slope. The best plan would be to opt for a point near to a water source like a spring with the purpose of avoiding washing time to look for water. Meanwhile, you ought to also find out a shade to shelter you during the day. Remember that you get an adequate place for cooking your food.
Whether or not you are a beginner, you have to bring the following things with you in your camping trip. Here is the camping checklist:
  1. Cups and heat-resistant or enamel plates which are able to be utilized for heating water & food.
  2. Food for dinner, lunch and breakfast for lasting your camping trip. To be safe, you should prepare extra foods like snack bars.
  3. First aid kit with all the essential bandages & medication.
  4. Tent – the most important thing, of course
  5. Sleeping bags for resting in and sleeping. It had better have many paddings
  6. Always carry flashlight
  7. Camp stove to heat up the water & cook your food
  8. Matchbox to light the campfire and the stove
  9. Water help you avoid the shortage while camping
  10. A few rain gear & sweater for your extra protection
  11. Machete for assisting you to chop off shrubs for a walk or whilst going towards the campsite
  12. Swiss knife is always helpful
  13. Great hiking shoes are a must because you will walk on uneven terrains with many small animal and vegetation around you.
  14. Biodegradable soap – an environmental friendly one
  15. Several freezer bags or plastic sandwich for putting items into there to keep them away rain. It is also used to store your foods.

Some Extra Tips:

  • Say no with the pricey and large tents for the first camping trip. Instead, you ought to choose a cheaper but good-quality model until you get the hang of utilizing a tent.
  • Whilst lighting the campfire, pay attention not to light near to your tent because in case there is a strong breeze, the tent flap may catch fire
  • Make sure that you throw your garbage in the dustbins without around the campsite
  • Utilize biodegradable soap to wash your utensils even yourself because that kind is environmental friendly
  • Before going for a hike, plan your meals, unless you will be back late and very hungry. Make sure foods are enough for your trip in plan.
  • Familiarize yourself with the camping gear when buying them for the first camping trip. It will be better to try camping for one night in your own backyard to have a feeling of camping in advance.
  • Camp near to your house for the first time in order to make sure you reach home quickly, if you haven’t yet experienced. What’s more, closeness to the home will offer a great sense of security.
  • Last but not least, store the camping gear for the next ones. Let you take good care of them because you can use for many camping trips before discarding.

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