The Coolest Longboards On the Market

Outdoor sports are very famous in different parts of the world. You can find different groups of young boys and girls hanging out together on the streets. Many of them are enjoying their sports equipment, such as bicycles, skateboards, roller blades and the longboards. Let us take a look at the group of teens using their coolest longboards on the streets. These longboards are designed with cool graphics and colors. If you will notice longboards and skateboards looks similar. But, the longboards are longer than skateboards. And then, the longboards are faster than skateboards because of the size of the wheels.

Components of Longboards

When choosing the coolest longboards or a real good longboard, you must be aware about its various components, such as the decks, trucks, bushings, riser pads, bearings and wheels.


Longboard decks are usually 44 inches or 110 cm long, having various shapes and designs. These decks are made of 2 to 11 layers of plywood with 2 mm or 0.079 in thick per layer. These layers may be composed of oak, bamboos, maples, koa or birch woods. [Read more…]