The Coolest Longboards On the Market

Outdoor sports are very famous in different parts of the world. You can find different groups of young boys and girls hanging out together on the streets. Many of them are enjoying their sports equipment, such as bicycles, skateboards, roller blades and the longboards. Let us take a look at the group of teens using their coolest longboards on the streets. These longboards are designed with cool graphics and colors. If you will notice longboards and skateboards looks similar. But, the longboards are longer than skateboards. And then, the longboards are faster than skateboards because of the size of the wheels.

Components of Longboards

When choosing the coolest longboards or a real good longboard, you must be aware about its various components, such as the decks, trucks, bushings, riser pads, bearings and wheels.


Longboard decks are usually 44 inches or 110 cm long, having various shapes and designs. These decks are made of 2 to 11 layers of plywood with 2 mm or 0.079 in thick per layer. These layers may be composed of oak, bamboos, maples, koa or birch woods.


This is a metal turning device that connects the wheels to the longboard deck. They also have various styles and types, such as the reverse kingpin and the conventional skateboard or vertical kingpin trucks.


The bushings are made of polyurethane materials. They come in different shapes and hardness, such as barrels with larger shapes and cones with narrow shapes.

Riser Pads

The riser pads are made of a plastic material. It increases the distance between the components, such as the wheels and the deck. It helps in preventing wheel bites and reducing strain on the deck.


The bearings reduce unnecessary friction to come up with a perfect stunt. It helps the wheels to have a smooth turn. They are made of steel, titanium or ceramic materials.


There are wheels that are made of urethane material. Its diameter typically ranges from 65 – 107 mm or 2.6 – 4.2 in.

The Coolest Longboards Review

You might be interested in finding the coolest longboards on the market. We have here a review of the Drop-Through Longboard and the Drop Deck Longboard from the Atom. Choosing the coolest longboards might be difficult, so take this review into consideration and as a basis in finding what is really cool.

The Atom Drop-Through Longboard at 41 inches, is perfect for cruising and downhill carving because it has an ultra-low-riding longboard for supreme stability. It has a 9.6-inch leverage, a durable maple deck that comes in full lamination, a 40-degree Reverse King Pin Truck at 245mm axles, a Wide-Lip at 70x51mm wide wheels made of urethane material, ABEC 9 rated bearings.

What’s really cool with this longboard is the symmetrical front and the stylish graphic design of its laminated deck. It has durable wheels and prevents wheel bites.

Another longboard to consider from the Atom is the Drop Deck Longboard at 41 inches long and 4.7 inches high. This longboards is perfect for riders with all the points of expertise. It is also ideal to use in cruising and downhill carving. To ensure the maximum stability, this board is also designed with an ultra-low-riding and a drop mounting longboard. This style also allows to lower the epicenter of gravity. Therefore, it increases the stability and the balance while you are riding downhill.

It has a 9.6-inch leverage per turn while eliminating the wheel bite, a full maple laminated deck, with Reverse King Pin Trucks at 245mm axles, a Soft 70x51mm wide wheel made of urethane material that offers a smooth ride when you are on a rough surface, ABEC 9 rated bearings and 80S grip tape for faster carving.

Finding the coolest longboards on the market is not that easy. That is why reviews are conducted for your reading about various longboards available today. Through these reviews, you may have an idea and a basis for buying what you are looking for in a longboard. There are so many longboards available on the market might be confusing, but having some knowledge, fact or information about various longboards will be ideal. Always remember the reviews done and you will know about the best and the real good choices to consider.

“Angelo started skateboarding at a very young age. After discovering longboards, he shifted to this activity cruising and down hilling with his friends. He started with a beginner longboard and after years of practice, he planned to buy an intermediate to a professional longboard. He did some research about various brands and products just to find out the one that suits his needs. After months of reading, he was able to get what he wants to have. And so, he wanted to share with his fellow longboard riders the part of his readings.”

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