The Complete Camping Checklist For Beginners

To enjoy the outdoors, why don’t you try camping – an interesting recreational activity? You can camp at most of places such as near lake or river, in the woods, national park and a forest, stay there one night even more. There are also private campgrounds which are owned privately by people encouraging campers in coming and enjoying the nature with them. You can just get a fun camping trip if you know how to organize properly.
With new campers, perhaps there are a lot of questions which need to be answered. Below are some basic questions and answers for all camping beginners. You shouldn’t take up camping till you finish all questions and answers below as well as understand expected requirements.

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Best Pack n Play for Travel 2016 review

When travelling parents are looking for convenience since carrying along a baby or a toddler is already hard. Traveling can be a huge disappointment instead of having a relaxing getaway when you don’t have the proper equipment to put your child at ease and comfort. So here I have listed 5 of the best Pack n play for travel.

  • Lotus Travel Crib and Portable baby Playard

One of the great thing I like about this product is that it only takes as little as 15 secs to set it up. It is very convenient to use. Easy to set up, easy to fold and easy to store. it is very lightweight and really portable. It is stored inside a backpack that you can carry around cause it only weighs about 13 lbs.

Best Pack n Play for Travel 2016 review

Second thing I love from this product is that it has this zippered door found that the sides. Kids find it really cool and fun to play around. This crib also has a top mattress that is perfect for toddlers to take a nap. Since this crib has no weight limit, you can use it for as long as you want to.

Third thing I like about this model is that it is small enough to be carried on board a plane as a hand luggage and it chemical free.

Some disadvantage of this item that I found is that it is a bit hard to fasten the Velcro strip since you need to put it in the right position.

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Toddler travel bed for airplane

For parents who travels with kids, we know for a fact that flying with kids on a long haul is more of a trial. Of course if you have the money, you can always go for the first class and enjoy the benefit of having a long flat bed. But for most of us, we should be contented with the economy class and make the best of what we can afford. Before parents were allowed to let their child sleep on the floor of the plane but for safety of the kids, almost all flights did not allow that anymore. One recommendation they allow is for parents to bring a child seat. Toddlers should and must be in the seat and buckled properly all the time just in case of sudden air turbulence that might jeopardize their safety.

Having a growing toddler is hard especially if they can no longer fit into the airplane bassinet, this means that parents gets lesser sleep during travel. Being always on the go, I am truly thankful that I have found this new item for sale in the market. This is the 1st class Kid Travel Pillow. This inflatable pillow, is very handy, it fills the gap in the legroom of the plane. By placing this pillow there, you instantly turn the economy class seat into a convenient flat bed.

Toddler travel bed for airplane

When this item is deflated, it fits conveniently into a hand carried luggage. To inflate the pillow, all you have to do is use the overhead air vent or you can do it manually by blowing through it with your mouth. Some aircrafts allow the use of the air vent but its better if you ask for permission.

Before heading to the airport better be sure to check that you can easily pull the inflation valve easily cause they sometimes get to stuck up. A little blast of hot air or hot water will help soften it and to pull it really quick.

This also an ideal solution to help stop your kids from kicking the front seat during travel, because the feet is propped up, this eliminates the temptation to kick the seat and avoid irritating seating in the front.

Another product I found in my desperate search for comfort while on flight is the Fly Legs Up Kids. This looks like hammock that comes with 3 comfy pillows. The jammock serves not only as leg support but it also acts a storage of your kids items. For little kids, this hammock is very versatile because you can play and sleep on it. It gives a flat platform for their legs to stretch on just like sleeping in a normal bed. For bigger kids, by simply switching the pillows, they can adjust the depth and leg room they want for more comfort. Also they can gauge on how firm or how soft they want it to be. This is recommended for children ages 2- 9 years old. Also the pack includes the 3 pillows, instructional sheet and the carrying bag along with the hammock.

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Phu Quoc Island snorkeling – Vietnam country

Snorkeling is one of the activities that many people are enjoying right now. It is a good way of spending quality time with your friends and loved ones. You are not simply wearing a suit for swimming, but you need to put on your snorkel and mask, but of course it will be best if you know how to dive and swim to enjoy more and get satisfied with your snorkeling adventure under the sea.

Phu Quoc Island snorkeling

There are some travelers who do not always bring their masks or snorkel gears during their trip. If you do not have them with you, do not be worried about how you can still enjoy snorkeling because there shops around the Duong Dong Town and the Long Beach Village, where you can buy your masks and snorkels to use, which comes in various prices. It is up to you to choose which one you would like to buy. Will you go for a cheaper one or a more expensive gear? The decision is yours, what matters most is for you to enjoy your trip.

There are so many beaches in the world and people from different places come to these beaches to enjoy snorkeling. When it comes to the famous spots for snorkeling, people always choose to come to the Phu Quoc Island. This island is considered as one of the favorite spots because of its clear and warm turquoise water. So when you are under the sea. You will get a clear view of the beautiful creation of the sea.

There are various beaches along the Phu Quoc Island. You can choose from the Long Beach, the Sao Beach and the Ganh Dau Beach. If you would like to have more privacy for your snorkeling activities, then you may choose to come to the Thom Village that you may find in the northeastern part of the Phu Quoc Island.

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If you would like to experience more of your snorkeling activity, you can get a boat to the An Thoi, which is in the southern part of Phu Quoc. From above the water and below the water, you can see a very clear view of the underworld. You will find this archipelago very impressive and a beautiful spot for travelers who would like to come to the Phu Quoc Island. [Read more…]

Traveling by bus from Saigon to Cambodia

Travelling from one country to another country is always an adventure for many travelers from different parts of the world. Sometimes, they find traveling as a means of exploring life because it is through the places they go, where they learn things about culture, history, places and even discovering new things. It is also through different places where travelers meet people from different walks of life with different behaviors, characteristics, races and nationalities. With traveling, you gain friends from different communities and it is from there where you can see that you are socially inclined and capable of dealing with different people.

When it comes to the means of transportation moving around different countries, travelers always have a choice. The usual means of transportation when you move to different countries is by airplane and you always need to buy your plane tickets, book your flights and mingle with the crowd in the airports. But when it comes to countries where traveling by land is possible, vans, cars, boats, buses and trains are the means of transportation used. We are talking about neighboring countries that are close to each other and where land transportation is allowed by its government. Some of those countries are Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and even Singapore.

Let us focus on traveling to Cambodia. There are so many great and amazing places for tourists from different parts of the world in Cambodia. Some of those tourist spots that travelers should not fail to visit are Siem Reap, Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh. [Read more…]